Messenger- E-commerce Products Sales Tactics

Many online entrepreneurs now realize the potential of the virtual marketplace. The social media world has made it even better because of the large customer base, which is easily accessible. That is why, as a business owner, you no longer have the luxury of ignoring platforms like Messenger – E-commerce products.
The number of users on messaging apps who are active has increased significantly, and Facebook messenger currently has over 1.3 billion active users. The staggering numbers should be music to the ears for any serious online entrepreneur.
We will explore in detail how a business can take advantage of Messenger to sell their e-commerce products.

Understanding the Importance of Facebook Messenger

In 2014, Facebook announced that it would be launching Messenger as a stand-alone. Since then, in approximately five years, the growth in terms of active users has been on an upward trajectory.
At the launch in April 2014, Messenger had 0.2 billion users, and now the numbers stand at 1.3 billion; a clear indicator that the messenger platform is very popular.
It’s interesting to note that 80% of adults and 91% of teens are active in the messaging apps every single day. The platform does not segregate in terms of age, race, sex, or even religion making it a viable place to sell any product.
The fact that a customer can chat with a business owner via a messaging app is one of the critical factors that customers consider when they are interacting with a brand. This could explain why there are over 8 billion messages between customers and businesses on e-commerce messaging platforms every month.
If you consider the statistics above, it becomes evident that as a business person, you can only ignore messaging apps at your own peril.

Using Chatbots on Messenger to increase sales

Chatbots are a way to connect to people on the messenger platform. You get an automated way of talking to your customers in a direct and personalized manner. There are many different ways you can benefit from using Chatbots on Messenger to communicate with your customers.

Customer service

Chatbots will allow you to respond to requests quickly and efficiently. Studies suggest that a business that does not respond to customer queries can lose up to 15% of their business. Another study reports that 44% of customers appreciate live chats, especially when they are about to make a purchase.
A Chatbots will allow you to share FAQs, respond to simple queries, and collect customer information, among other functions. You should, however, make sure that there is someone who will handle any other questions that a customer may have.

Updates and Order confirmation

You can use Messenger to communicate a large number of things including, order and shipping information, sharing of tracking numbers, ordering updates, and requesting for feedback. Also, ensure that you give your customers the option of being able to re-order their e-commerce products using Messenger.

Cross-sell and up-sell

It is possible to use Messenger as a way to directly promote any new products or services. Since you already have the customer’s basic information and have built a profile, you will know what their purchasing habits are, and can, therefore, send out targeted information. The information could be on the latest products, promotions or any other information you would like to share with the customers.
Be careful that you do not offend customers with annoying repetitive information. It can be especially irritating if you receive information that has nothing to do with you, simply because the seller does not understand the customer’s preferences well. You could end up chasing away customers so if you must, schedule the communication, and only send out what you know will interest a particular customer.

Make sales via Chat

It is now possible for online sellers to make sales directly via Chat. Platforms like Shopify allow for integration with Messenger, making it possible for anyone on their platform to sell on Facebook.
The customer has the option of browsing through catalogs and making a complete transaction with simple to follow prompts. You are also able to give personalized customer support because there’s always a representative at hand to respond to any queries that come up.

How to build a useful Chatbots

  • Use clear simple-to-follow language -Make the experience of using the Chatbots as simple as possible for the customers.  That is why Shopify- messenger platform works; the prompts are straightforward to follow.
  • Prompt the user with guided responses – this way you can highlight what you have in your inventory because open-ended questions can end up frustrating or disappointing the customer.
  • avoid hard-sell – let the customer be the primary driver of the conversation, so that you do not appear to be pushy
  • Understand your customers and business – you cannot sell an e-commerce product on Messenger without having a good understanding of your customer.  Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about the areas they face the most challenges, and how your platform can assist them.  Also, look at your business and see the areas that are a challenge for you, so that your Chatbots can respond to the issues directly.
  • Do not replace real people customer service with Chatbots-  while a Chatbots will increase the efficiency of your business; it is still vital that you get real people to handle the tougher issues that may arise.
  • Continue to test and improve the Chatbots because there’s always innovation about technology.


Messenger has opened up an avenue for people to sell their e-commerce products quickly.   The social media platform is especially attractive because of the large customer base that will be available to an entrepreneur.  A customer is more likely to buy a product when they chat with the seller.  Chatbots will help your business, and they’re quite easy to set up, even without having programming knowledge.
If you’re a business owner, subscribing to platforms like Shopify will allow you to integrate your Facebook business page with the e-commerce platform thus giving you access to millions of customers. By using product e-commerce platforms like Messenger, you have the opportunity to share important information with your clients; including targeted adverts and promotions.